Second Hand Furniture

Second Hand Furniture

Second Hand Furniture (The advantages of buying second hand furniture).

I’m sure we’re all very familiar with the pressures that come with adulting like moving into your brand-new home. Whether it is rented or bought, you’re going to come across many challenges such as buying furniture and taking care of your household, amongst other things. Here is a secret that people don’t tell you… It doesn’t have to be brand new furniture! Buying Secondhand furniture is the next best thing. Here is a list of some advantages that buying secondhand furniture can afford you (pun totally intended):

1. You can save a ton of money.
Let’s face it folks, furniture isn’t cheap. With the cost of living getting higher with each passing year, why not save those extra bucks and buy your furniture second hand instead?

2. Avoid unnecessary credit from furniture stores.

I’m sure we all know more than one person who has been paying for that TV set for years and the interest charged is not worth it. Buying everything cash is not always easy, but if it’s second hand, it’s at least not going to cost you an arm and a leg!

3. Lucky finds from previous owners.
This one is an absolute bonus. If you’ve ever visited grandma’s house and wondered why her couch is as old as you but looks nothing too far from brand-new, its because things have deteriorated over the years. Furniture is no exception to the rule. Buying second hand means you stand a good chance of being an inheritor to one of the finest items of furniture ever made!

This list could go on as there are many perks that come with purchasing used furniture. At Vuyani Furniture Transport and sales, we not only source our furniture from people coming from different walks of life, but we also make sure that most of them are re-usable and of a relatively good quality. In addition to this we allow you to come and view the item at our secondhand furniture shop in Lansdowne, following which delivery can be arranged at a very affordable price, should the item(s) interest you. We stock a wide range of used furniture from beds, pedestals, headboards, dressing tables and wardrobes, to couches, bar chairs, tables, room dividers, bookshelf’s and much much more. We advertise regularly on Facebook (Cape Town Furniture used furniture and appliances), Gumtree, Instagram and on our moving company’s website.
You’ll also be happy to know that we offer furniture removal services locally and across provinces to assist you with moving to your new home.
Say goodbye to furniture blues and shop all things second hand on our website :
You’re welcome 😊

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