Vuyani Furniture Transport and Sales

Vuyani Furniture Transport and Sales

Why Choose Vuyani Furniture Transport and Sales over other moving companies? We are the best, we do not worry about the rest and pleasing our customers is our daily quest!
December is upon us and when we reflect on this past year, I think we can all agree that CoVid19 has undoubtedly made this one of the most challenging years in the history of challenging times. Fortunately, human beings are remarkable creatures that can withstand any storm and our moving company has similarly persevered throughout the adversities this year came with. No matter what the future holds, we are committed to continue providing quality customer service at unbeatable rates.
With the declining economy, many businesses have had to increase their prices and consequently, the cost of living for the average person has just become even higher. We’d like to ease your mind with the good news that Vuyani Furniture Transport and Sales has not only moved mountains to continue providing outstanding moving services, which consist mainly of furniture removals and sales, but also remained consistent in our unmatched affordability.
We are a small start-up business with a hands-on owner. This means that we keep our expenses to a minimum. We are driven by passion and an undying love for our customers which is what makes Vuyani Furniture Transport and Sales the perfect moving company of choice for your next move. Most moving companies are well established, have a big pool of employees and as a result, they are forced to charge a fortune to keep up with the costs of running their business. Choosing our moving company to assist with your move means you can save a couple of bucks, with the added benefit of impeccable customer service done with the utmost precision. You, the customer are our first priority and we pride ourselves in creating long-lasting relationships with our clients.
We also afford you with the privilege of experiencing an interpersonal interaction with the CEO regarding anything pertaining to doing business with us. Though we have a shop in Lansdowne, most of our interactions are done online via our website, WhatsApp or Facebook. Head on to for more information about our booking process as well as to do some online shopping of all our second hand furniture and appliances.

vuyani furniture transport and sales

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