Selling your used items

Selling your used items

Advantages of selling your used items to Vuyani furniture transport and sales

Vuyani Furniture Transport and sales is a moving company that provides home and; office furniture removals and; is also a second-hand furniture retailer. We buy and sell second-hand furniture. Here are a few advantages of selling us your used items:
It is an easy way to put some extra cash in your pocket. Plenty of households currently have quite a few unwanted or unused items that they seem not to be able to get rid of. A cluttered space has the potential to cause stress, cause you to be unproductive, and generally make household tasks much more difficult. Selling us the items you longer need or do not use is a great way to declutter and make a bit of money. Decluttering has many benefits such as ridding yourself of what you do not need, and it also gives you a chance to organize, tidy, and clean your home. It is also less stress and hassle for you. You do not have to worry about advertising and finding a buyer. We make the process of selling your furniture quick and hassle-free. We are a proudly African Store, shopping local helps out our economy by selling us your items you supply us with the inventory to keep our doors open and allow us to continue to give back to the community. Second-hand buying and selling are also good for the environment. Instead of throwing away good items that could end up in landfills, selling your items, especially larger items like furniture, helps these items get reused or repurposed. This increases sustainability and your old items become someone else’s favourite new furniture piece in their home. Now that you know the advantages of selling your used items to Vuyani Furniture Transport and Sales, contact us by calling or sending us a WhatsApp message on 0782809645 or email us at to sell any your used items. We are located in Lansdown, Cape Town. For furniture removals get a quote from us today by either visiting our website – www., call or send us a WhatsApp message on 0782809645, or email us at

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