Moving with Pets.

Moving with Pets.

Moving with Pets.

Moving to a new home is quite stressful and adding animals into the mix can be even more stressful. When you consider the airline transportation rules as well as health and safety, moving with your pet more often than not will involve a great deal of preparation beforehand. Notwithstanding, the type of pet you plan to move, along with your pet’s specific needs and health concerns, your preparation for the move will be greatly affected. If you’re moving locally, we recommend that you first introduce the animal to the new house before embarking on your move. This will help them quickly adjust to their new environment and make your preparations slightly easier. In addition to this our moving company can assist you with moving pets should you be moving locally. Contact Vuyani Furniture Transport and sales for more information about this. Please read below for more advice on moving with your pets.


• Give Yourself a chance to PREPARE WELL AHEAD OF TIME.
• Be considerate of the emotional needs of your pet.
• If you plan on flying, make sure you check the airlines rules and regulations before booking your flight.
• Make sure to give your pet some exercise before the move to keep it calm
• Remember to label all the boxes that have your pet’s belongings.
• Ensure that your pets are quarantined during the moving process to keep them safe and secure.
• Be mindful of being consistent with the food you feed your animal during the move.


• Don’t mix your pets necessities, i.e. food, with your personal belongings.
• DON’T feed them just before putting them into the car as this can make them more prone to getting car sick.
• DON’T change your pet’s routine as this may be very unsettling.

In conclusion, moving animals is not like furniture removals as animals have feelings and moving can be just as stressful for them as it is for you. Make sure to make them feel comfortable and help them adjust into their new home.

moving with pets.

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