Johannesburg and Pretoria

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Johannesburg and Pretoria

Traveling between Johannesburg and Pretoria has become relatively easy thanks to developments in our public transport in the past few years. Time is a high commodity, the convenience of not being stuck in traffic is amazing but it is unfortunate that you cannot transport your fridge on the Gautrain. Moving your entire household can be a tiring and daunting task.
This is where we come in as Vuyani Furniture Transport and sales. We pride ourselves in making furniture removals easy and convenient. As a moving company, we know how important your time is and we will ensure your move is swift and punctual. With us, you are guaranteed reliable and impeccable service.
There is a great amount of anxiety that comes with moving to a different city. Adapting to a different culture and different people can be difficult. If you are moving from Johannesburg to Pretoria or vice versa let us lift some of the weight off your shoulders. There is no load too big for us, let us take you to your new home. 

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